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Ternopil pro-life center ICF «Gift of Life»

Лариса Стадник


Work schedule of Ternopil pro-life center:

Monday-Friday from 9.00 am till 5.00 pm

Scheduled classes:

  • Monday at 12.00 am – Gymnastics for pregnant women. Breathing exercises;
  • Wednesday at 1.00 pm – Mom school for pregnant women;
  • Thursday at 6.30 pm – Preparation to Partner delivery. Dad school;
  • Friday at 12.00 am – Fit ball for pregnant women. Breathing exercises.

Personal meeting, counseling on different questions, pregnancy testing, presentations are held by prior arrangement. .
We also provide our services ONLINE ! We conduct personal and group counseling, programs and presentations by phone, Viber, Skype, ZOOM, etc.

History and nowadays.

Ternopil pro-life center was opened in 1993 due to efforts of Ternopil ULC congregation. Here in 1988 Mom school program was started which is being constantly improved and conducted at all pro-life centers.

Thousands of counseling with the result of hundreds saved from abortion lives were conducted during time of work. Preventive activity which consists of educational work with pupils and students of different educational institution is not less important. It is impossible to evaluate the exact influence of presentations on the audience but information received makes everyone to think about the value and sanctity of human life, Christian virtues that are the foundation of a healthy society. The aim of each pro-life center is to spread Christian love and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle among the population of Ukraine, including the unborn.

You will find necessary information, psychological support, help, like-minded people and good friends if you visit our pro-life centers!


All pro–life centers services are FREE !!!