®International Charitable Fund "GIFT OF LIFE"


Getting involved in Gift of Life

Financial donation

Thank you for considering a donation to Gift of Life. We are a part of Thoughts of Faith – a Lutheran mission society working in Ukraine. Through the generosity of people like you, Thoughts of Faith is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people in Eastern Europe.

Please, use the following link for donation and support to Gift of Life. We appreciate any help.

Material aid

We will also be grateful to receive some material aid (clothes, toys, hygiene products, etc.) to support pregnant clients in crisis and their saved children. If you are interested in sending material aid, please, use the following template:

VERY IMPORTANT: if you are sending more than one box, please address each box to a different Gift of Life department listed below.

Meest Karpaty
6725 Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 6063

Dear Sirs:
Please send this box by AIR / SEA to the following address in Ukraine:

Roman Khodzinskyi
Repina St. 11
Ternopil, Ukraine 46022
Tel. 0976278199


Nadiya Khodzinska
Verbytskyi St. 22/9
Ternopil Ukraine 46020
Tel. 0979174982


Mariya Kunovska
Ruska St. 10/62
Ternopil, Ukraine 46008
Tel. 0681059187


Vita Velykoshych
Ruska St. 10/62
Ternopil, Ukraine 46008
Tel. 0964149431


Larysa Stadnyk
Ruska St. 19/67
Ternopil, Ukraine 46001
Tel. 0687306050


Larva Yurij
Repina St. 11
Ternopil Ukraine 46022
Tel. 0985778536

This box does not contain cash or dangerous goods, rather supplies for the Gift of Life humanitarian aid organization in Ukraine.

Please send the shipping invoice and tracking number to giftoflife.org@gmail.com