®International Charitable Fund "GIFT OF LIFE"


We take care not only about your physical health but also about your spiritual  wellness!

The Christian Lutheran connection is evident to visitors of Medical Clinics on Wheels, pro-life centers and those who receive material aid. Everyone has the opportunity to hear God’s Word. Many women have baptized their babies into a family of believers.

ICF “Gift of Life” provides possibility to Ukrainian Lutheran Church to preach abut God`s love which is in Jesus Christ.

Deaconess of Ukrainian Lutheran Church accompanies Medical Clinics on Wheels during traveling season. She talks with visitors on common religious topics, fills the time people spend waiting for the doctor’s appointment with pleasant impressions and emotions, making interesting crafts together with children.

Bible studies for children can be held if there is a will and request from MCOW visitors Interesting Christian literature is also shared free of charge.

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