®International Charitable Fund "GIFT OF LIFE"

ICF “Gift of Life” history

International Charitable Fund “Gift of Life” creation history dates back to 1992. It all started with an idea that pursued the goal of providing humanitarian assistance to the victims of the Chornobyl catastrophe and originated in a small group of medical professionals and Christian believers . The generous funding and spiritual support of the Lutheran Mission “Thoughts on Faith” finally made this idea possible.

Stepan Dudyak, now a deceased radiologist from Madison, Wisconsin, became the ideological companion and driver of this project. The result of his efforts was the construction and shipment of two 11meters ambulatory buses with modern medical equipment from the USA to Ukraine. The official presentation of busses took place in April 1992 on the Theater Square in Ternopil. All the mass media of that time wrote about this extraordinary event as a “grand celebration of human charity and kindness”! The main task of the Medical Clinics on Wheels since then and until today is to provide free assistance to the needy people and especially – children.

In 1997, in a couple of years after the Fund was created the activity of prolife centers has started. Counseling of women who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, as well as those who are faced with a fatal choice – of making abortion were and still are the main brunches of their activity. Five pro-life counseling centers successfully operated in Ukraine until 2014. ICF “Gift of Life” had to stop operation of pro-life center in Sevastopil after the annexation of Crimea. As for today four pro-life centers are operating: two in Kyiv – Left bank and Right bank, and also one in Ternopil and one in Kremenets.

All services provided by Medical Clinics on Wheels and pro-life centers of ICF “Gift of Life” are FREE!

It became possible due to your donation for support of this wonderful project – “Gift of Life”.