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Conducting presentations at different educational and health care institutions about prenatal development, basis of the family, sexual education of teenagers, consequences of abortion

International charitable fund “Gift of life” can boast of considerable baggage of experience and practical information because of his long history. GOL counselors have in their arsenal many presentations for various listeners – schoolchildren, students of higher educational establishments, social workers, etc.

We have a very responsible approach to presentations at educational establishments because we understand that it is very important to provide valuable practice information for youth. Our counselors as a parents try to explain, teach and to warn hot young hearts from reckless actions and life’s irreparable mistakes. “Praemonitus, praemunitus” — “The one who is warned is armed,” says a well-known Latin saying. Our team makes every effort to “arm” young people with one of the most valuable gifts of man – knowledge!

We use the latest technical tools, as well as a large amount of visual information, for better perception and assimilation of knowledge during presentation.

GOL counselors are sure that the information received by the students will be interesting, informative, and most importantly will carry the mission of preventive education of young people.

There are many topics of presentations, among them:

  • “Poppy seeds” or “How your life began” (topic for youngest listeners) ;
  • “Human`s life is the biggest miracle!” ;
  • Biology of human`s prenatal development;
  • Sexual development of teenagers. Personal hygiene;
  • Premarital relations. Sex has price. Sexual transmitted diseases. AIDS;
  • Healthy way of life;
  • Abortions and it`s consequences. Prevention of abortions, contraception and its influence on body;
  • History and activity of International Charitable Fund “Gift of life” ;
  • UN convention about child`s rights.

This is not a full list of presentations. Our counselors constantly improve their skills and knowledge to provide interesting information for listeners of different age.

If you would like to organize presentation with counselors of ICF “Gift of Life” at your educational establishment – give us a call! Personal meetings are possible in Kyiv (067-324-47-49 or 067-324-47-59), Ternopil (068-730-60-50) and Kremenets in Ternopil region (067-324-47-51). We also provide online presentation with help of ZOOM, Meet, Skype, Viber or other program convenient for use.

All presentations are FREE !!!

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