®International Charitable Fund "GIFT OF LIFE"

Medical and dental services

Gift of Life includes two mobile clinics which travel throughout Ukraine.

Gift of Life provides medical and dental assistance free of charge mostly for children and physically and mentally challenged.

Medical bus personnel consists of two pediatricians and a nurse.
They provide professional examination and diagnostics, electrocardiogram, analysis of capillary blood for sugar / hemoglobin / cholesterol, urine testing, vision and hearing screening, blood pressure screening with recommended treatment, dermatoscopy for diagnosing skin lesions.

After examination doctors provide conclusions, educational information and prescribe medications.

Dental bus personnel consist of four dentists. They provide professional examination, cleaning and fluoridation of teeth, sealing of fissures, extraction, detection of caries and its treatment with anesthesia, X-Ray, root canal surgery, with repeat visits, when in Ternopil.

After exams, Dentists provide conclusions and recommendations. Patients with serious dental problems are referred to specialists.

MCOW is equipped with computers and software for registration of patients, storage of information, compilation of reports and inventory. Data is stored for statistics and research.

On average 25-30 patients are examined per day in each bus. Mostly disabled, orphans, soldiers (returning from the front) and their families, physically and mentally challenged, large families and other needy people. The list is not exhaustive and depends on the needs of the area visited.

MCOW locates in about 15 different places during the traveling season and more than 5,000 patients are examined in each bus each year to total 10,000 visits overall.

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