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Mom School and Dad school

Series of classes for women and their husbands preparing for the birth of a child are held according to schedule. Women will find a lot of practical advice and men will understand how their wives feel during pregnancy. Clients will be able to prepare themselves to meet God’s little miracle in the best way possible.

We often invite highly specialized doctors such as: gynecologists, pediatricians, psychologists, breast feeding educators, etc. to provide maximum information making our classes interesting and exciting.
You can learn the following information:

  • Particulars of prenatal development of a baby.
  • Physiological and psychological stage of a woman during pregnancy.
  • Delivery without fear and pain.
  • Forerunners and the three stages of delivery.
  • Methods of breathing during delivery.
  • Recommendations on breastfeeding.
  • Physiology of newborn.
  • Baby care during the first year.
  • Postpartum recovery and more.

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