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A Day in the Lavender Field

Counselor Svitlana Kolesynk in Lavender Field



Counselor Inna Rudzik

At the end of the week of July 29thth employees of ICF “Gift of Life” Nataliia Tytska, Svitlana and Kateryna Kolesnyk and Inna Rudzik decided  to change the everyday atmosphere and get filled with positive impressions and enjoy a scent of different herbs and flowers on lavender field which is located not far from Ternopil (Zarybuntsi village).


The beauty of nature together with its calming wind helped us to remember that we are blessed to live on our planet and it’s precious to feel that solitude and silence.

It was just half an hour, but we left as completely different people. Something in our eyes even changed. We had a lot of positive emotions and got full of energy to continue our mission in GoL. Lavender fields have become a popular destination for the people of Ukraine.

Nick and Kerry traveled to the same lavender fields the following Sunday and were also refreshed and calmed by the scent – To God be the glory for His wonderful creation!


Natalya Tytsky and son

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