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Ukraine Crisis Fund – Shipment 6

Shipment 6 arrived early evening of July 29t. Another 13 pallets of food products, hygiene and baby products including diapers. The shipment required manual unloading and took 6 of us about 1 hour and 45 minutes to unload. Lots of fun in the process, although arduous. The call for product from other institutions housing the displaced has decreased to the point that all aid is held for those coming to the centers in Ternopil and Kremenetz. Members of ULC congregations are provided product through WELS Direct Relief. Other product that can be purchased at similar cost (rice, pasta, flour, oil) can be procured in Ternopil and Kremenetz so that shipments contain the most needed food/hygiene/baby products quite costly in Ukraine.


Pictures of Shipment 6


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